Collecting Fish Samples for my 55-Gallon Fish Tank (Cheltenham, PA)

What do you think this Collecting Fish Samples for my 55-Gallon Fish Tank (Cheltenham, PA) video?

Collecting Fish Samples for my 55-Gallon Fish Tank (Cheltenham, PA)

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September 14th, 2016 — I took two hours off my afternoon to finally go to the TTF-watershed in Cheltenham and catch some micro-fishes for my 55 gallon fish tank! In the end, I harvested the following:

— 2 Bluegill; 1 Mal-nourished.
— 3 Spotfin Shiner
— 2 Creek Chub
— 2 Redbreast Sunfish
— Son, I feel like Tim Galati now.

Here are a couple observations about the 55-gallon fish tank:

— Nitrogen cycle has been running for 2 weeks. Dechlorinator was used in the first day of the cycle.
— 3 plants total and 1 decoration. Sadly, I haven’t had time to work on it, fellas! The tank is pretty simple for now. 🙂
— ~50 Gallons of water in a 55-gal tank means 55 inches of fish+ for overcrowding. Of course each Species has a certain space demand; however, we will be using this rule of thumb to keep the tank friendly and clean.
— This was only the first batch of fishes. Some of them will be removed at a later time (for a number of reasons) and other Species will be added!

Don’t forget to voice your opinion in the poll!!! If you guys want to see some feeding, let me know. Though, feeding footage has been posted on my SNAPCHAT already: ExtPhillyFishin.

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