Get your Affordable KastKing 24 Rod Rack Today! :) (Philadelphia, PA)

What do you think this Get your Affordable KastKing 24 Rod Rack Today! πŸ™‚ (Philadelphia, PA) video?

Get your Affordable KastKing 24 Rod Rack Today! :) (Philadelphia, PA)

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October 13th, 2016 — Here is a nice, short, and homemade Infomercial that I did for KastKing here on the Channel! As you guys know, I have been a long time believer that the KastKing 24 Rod Rack is the best in the market! I even made an unboxing video with my nephew CreeperKid about this in the past (

As you see, my opinion stays unchanged! I still believe in the quality of the rod rack and I recommend everyone to go out there and get one. You may as well use this holiday season as a good opportunity to reward yourself or someone else with one of these. Heh. As mentioned in the video, organization is key, fellas! Don’t forget to protect your rods!

Here is its Amazon hyperlink:

I would like to thank KastKing for sponsoring this video!

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