Rhode Island Striper Snooping 10/9/16

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Rhode Island Striper Snooping 10/9/16

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Left Martha’s Vineyard a little earlier than I expected Sunday morning due to the slow fishing out there, decided to fish some spots along the way that I had never seen or been to, the weather was nasty with rain and North winds blowing 25-35mph thanks to a cold front and hurricane way to the south. Rhode Island is famous for its rocky shorelines and good saltwater fishing, I found fish at both spots I stopped at but didn’t get into the size fish I was hoping for.

I arrived at the 2nd spot to nothing going on but after about 20 minutes a big gaggle of birds came into the surf with Stripers and Bluefish blitzing on Peanut Bunker. It only lasted for about 20 minutes but I was able to get into some fish in the couple hours I fished at each spot. Got back on the road around 5pm and was back in Philly by 11pm. Overall, stopping to fish along the way home was a good call, Rhode Island is amazing!

Rod: Shimano Tiralejo 9’6 1-3oz
Reel: Penn Clash 5000
Lure that worked: SP minnow
30lb sufix 832 and 30lb ande mono leader.

Still some vids from the vineyard to come but theyre repetitive and trying to edit them was a drag while this video was much more interesting, thanks for watching!

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