Kayak Fishing, Squid + Bluefish + Dogfish

What do you think this Kayak Fishing, Squid + Bluefish + Dogfish video?

Kayak Fishing, Squid + Bluefish + Dogfish

Took a cooler of live squids out into the depths of Martha’s Vineyard and found out very quickly why Dogfish Bar gets its name. Bluefish came through for about an hour, mostly smaller 2-3lb fish, eating bait on the surface making them very easy to catch, not much fun in the kayak. Romo landed a 25" Blue which at the time would of been leading the kayak bluefish category in the Derby, but unfortunately the Derby does not update the kayak standings frequently and later found out the leader was 11lbs+. At one point Romo may or may not have hallucinated a cobia follow up his bluefish, and I casted at him only to hook a 2-3lb blue and have it tangle very badly with romo’s fish. All in all we caught no albies this day, non bass, no big blues, and only momentarily had hope of big things when I hooked the first dog, and also heard romo say "cobia". Otherwise, a slow day.

Romos channel – www.youtube.com/user/romo7493

Catching Bluefish in the kayak is not something I especially enjoy due to their crazy behavior and sharp teeth, a lot of times the clamp their mouth shut making hook extraction nearly impossible. Dogfish are also an undesired species, very common and will roll around and fray your leader, as you can see I almost lose the tip of my rod when the second doggy of the day starts rolling on the surface.

My Rod is a Pompano Bay 7′ custom ( www.pompanobayrods.com)
Reel: Penn Clash 4000
Kayak: Hobie Revo 13

*I did not win the grand prize kayak. Again, the Derby did not update the kayak leaderboard, not even after the derby was over and all the awards handed out. My name was still on the board as 1st place striper but when I asked who won the kayak, they informed me my fish had been bumped by a 23lb bass and they didnt update the leaderboard. Bullshit comes in many flavors, my friends.

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