Jetty Hoppin Jersey Stripers Oct. 2016

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Jetty Hoppin Jersey Stripers Oct. 2016

Set out to catch some Stripers from the beaches and jetties in New Jersey one day during the last week of October, winds were blowing 15mph out of the WNW, totally flat ocean, crystal clear water, I was hoping to find some Blitz activity but after searching around a little I realized it wasn’t happening and decided to post up on a random jetty. Fished for a half hour not catching anything and was watching a nervous school of bunker far offshore when I decided it was time to launch my kayak, but just then got a nice bite on my popper and caught a 27"-28" Striper, after that I lost interest in launching my kayak and decided to just stick to the shorelines. One more fish on the Smack-it before changing over to a 1/2oz magictail bucktail and started getting fish on just about every other cast, all the fish were pretty small but I enjoyed it on my lighter set-up, once the action ended I tried another jetty and got a couple more fish, but again the bite stopped, so I returned to the first jetty, and the school of fish that was there disappeared, couldnt get a bite after returning. Right place right time is the name of the game. No big fish this day and no crazy blitz but got enough action to keep it interesting on an otherwise slow day.

Rod: Pompano bay Custom 7′ (
Reel: Penn Clash 4000
Lures: 1/2oz Magictail Bucktails, Smack It Popper
Location: the dirty

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