Cook your Catfish THAI STYLE: The Fried Red Curry Catfish Recipe! (Philadelphia, PA)

What do you think this Cook your Catfish THAI STYLE: The Fried Red Curry Catfish Recipe! (Philadelphia, PA) video?

Cook your Catfish THAI STYLE: The Fried Red Curry Catfish Recipe! (Philadelphia, PA)

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November 23rd, 2016 — HAPPY THANKSGIVING IN ADVANCE, FELLAS! In this mood of celebration, let my brother-in-law and I share with you guys a new fish recipe video here on the Channel. Hah. Today I am bringing you guys a THAI recipe on Catfish! If you have never attempted cuisine from Thailand, hit the Asian market and cook something different for the family. 😉

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Preparation+Cooking time: 25-30 minutes (10 of preparation)


— 1 Catfish, 2.0-2.5lbs. Whole fish.
— 1 Teaspoon of Sugar
— 1/2 Teaspoon of Salt
— 4 Teaspoons of Pickled Rhizome (Kra-Chai)
— 2 Teaspoons of Fish Sauce
— 2 Teaspoons of Oyster Sauce
— 2 Teaspoons of Red Curry Paste (Mae Ploy brand recommended)
— 2 pieces of Garlic, chopped
— 1 Jalapeno (OPTIONAL)
— A few Basil Leaves
— LOTS of oil. LOL
— 1/2 cup of water


— Clean the Catfish. Make sure to take all of its guts out, including the bloody stripe in its up-belly. Remove any excess slime from its skin. Use paper towel to remove excess moisture. If the Catfish was frozen, make sure to defrost until the fish is at room temperature.

— Cut the fish in 1 inch thick steaks, in a vertical motion. 1 inch is recommended; tough, the thickness of the fish is really up to you.

— Place the cut steaks of fish in a bowl. Marinate it with salt (up to your taste). Half a teaspoon, uniformly, is recommended.

The preparation process should take you about 10 minutes.


(1) Set up your heat on max and warm up your pan. Once the pan is warm, add enough oil in it, so that the oil will cover approximately half of your fish steaks when they are all in. If you are unsure of the right quantity, put more oil in the pan than less. It is always good to be on the safe side. 😉

(2) Once the oil heats up, place the fish steaks on the pan and fry.

(3) Fry one side of the fish steaks for 5-6 minutes (time depends on the thickness of the cut), or until it is golden-brown. At this point, flip the steaks.

(4) Fry the other side of the fish steaks for an additional 5-6 minutes, or until golden-brown.

(5) Your fish is ready! Place them on a plate and use papertowels to absorb some of the oil left on them. They should be "crispy on the outside and moist on the inside."

The cooking process for the fish should take you about 10-12 minutes.


As you saw in the video, cooking the sauce is an extremely FAST process. Also, just to note: everyone likes their sauce a different way! For a more concentrated sauce with stronger flavor, add more curry paste and less water. Reduce. For a less concentrated sauce, do the opposite and reduce.

(1) Set up your heat on max and warm up your pan. Once the pan is warm, add 6 spoons of oil and let it heat. Make sure to distribute the oil evenly, so that the other ingredients don’t stick on the pan.

(2) Add the garlic and curry paste to the oil and stir.

(3) Add the fish sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar. 1/4 cup of water. Stir constantly to avoid the sauce getting burnt!

(4) Add the pickled rhizome. Keep stirrying like your life depends on it!

(5) As soon as your sauce turns into an uniform mix, add the remaining 1/4 water and reduce to your taste.

(6) You may add the optional jalapeno pepper at this point to increase the spiciness of the dish. While reducing, add the basil leaves (at your convenience) for added flavor!

Pour the sauce over your fried Catfish and ENJOY YOUR MEAL!

The cooking process for the sauce should take you no longer than 5 minutes.


— This recipe works for different types of Catfish. It doesn’t necessarily need to be for Channel Catfish. You can try it with Flathead Catfish, Blue Catfish, different types of Bullhead Catfish, etc.

— If the fish that you are using is NOT in the range of 2.0-2.5lbs, make sure you adapt the measurements of the recipe to the quantity you will be cooking! Recall: cooking is like chemistry in the kitchen! Double the fish, double the portions. 😉

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