What do you think this UNDERWATER STRIPER BLITZ INSANITY!!! video?



This was Thanksgiving Day on a New Jersey beach, this is what happens when schools of Juvenille Menhaden (we call them bunker, pogies, same fish) run into schools of hungry Striped Bass, this happens every once in a blue moon here in NJ when you find such large numbers of both species so close to the beach, I have never witnessed anything like this, not as big an area of peanuts with that many bass.. Most of the Stripers I saw caught here were 25"-30" however when I dip my camera down the fish in this video seem smaller like 18"-24" BUT I saw 3 fish over 20lbs caught and rumor has it the biggest pulled from this particular blitz was 32lbs. There were all different size classes of fish coming through and feeding on the bunker. These bass were reckless and fast, slashing through the bait and chowin down in honor of Thanksgiving.

I realized very quickly this was going to be a once in a season if not once in a lifetime event so I put my rod down real quick and went underwater and got right up in the bass’s grill, I stood there, camera rolling with bass swimming into my feet while watching everyone on the beach reeling in fish, I wasn’t sure what I got on camera but after watching the footage realized I had to make this legit so I dug through soundcloud for about 2-3 hours listening to hundreds of songs by artists Ive never heard of, most were garbage, but then came to this song.. leanin in the potion shop. This is a Zelda remix that kicks ass and is so uniquely epic and was the only song I felt did this footage justice, when I added it to my rough edit of this video, it synced up perfectly, bass dropping literally as that bass swam by mouth agape… by the time it was done I was like damn son… this sh#t is EPIC, now I am trying to edit more footage but cant stop watching this video..

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music: soundcloud.com/ghasper/leanin-in-the-potion-shop-1

Thanks for watching!!

Also shout out to anyone I ran into on the beach this fall, youre all awesome!

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