Fly Tying Tips – Laser Dub

Greg Senyo is basically the evil genius when it comes to fly tying product design….and his Laser Dub has been a huge success since it hit the market several years ago. In this video we will go over the ins and outs of how to use Laser Dub, handy tools to use, and even how to tie an entire fly with Laser Dub.

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My MUST HAVE Tying Tools!!
Peak Fly Tying Vise –

Fly Tying Scissors –

Bobbin –

Loon UV Resin –

Loon Infinity UV Light –

Loon Dubbing Spinner –

Loon Hackle Pliers –

Dubbing Loop Tweezers –

Bobbin Threader –

Whip Finish Tool –

Hair Packer –

Prep Station –

My MUST HAVE Fishing Gear!

Fly Rod A –

Fly Rod B –

Fly Reel A –

Fly Reel B –

Fly Line (sinking) –

Fly Line (floating) –

Backing –

Nail Knot Tool –

Forceps –

Sunglasses –

Nymphing Weight –

Gear Bag –

Filming Gear:

Camera A –

Camera B –

Cage –

Light A –

Light B –

Backdrop –

Tripod –