Fan Mail Unboxing With EPF #1 (Philadelphia, PA)

What do you think this Fan Mail Unboxing With EPF #1 (Philadelphia, PA) video?

Fan Mail Unboxing With EPF #1 (Philadelphia, PA)

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September 21st, 2016 — I am finally bringing you guys the first episode of "fan mail unboxing with EPF." In this Channel, all letters and boxes count! Differently than other Channels out there, we are not skipping a single one of them, unless the contents of the same are too evil/negative. #maillivesmatter.

If fan mail videos bore you, please don’t watch it! Fishing videos will be coming soon on the Channel. I am making this series for the general public; however, I am giving preference to folks who have sent me the mail (of course). If your package hasn’t been unboxed on SnapChat previously, it will be portrayed on a video like this! Shout-outs MAY be complied. Requests for autographs and responses will definitely be complied. 🙂

In episode 1, I used a Carp themed photo for the autographs.

As for the fish tank, I hope the background answered some of your questions! The fish are adapting and doing well. Feedings are usually portrayed on SnapChat (ExtPhillyFishin). A feeding video will eventually come on the Channel!


2:03 — Kevin L. Letter
4:12 — Tom R. Letter
6:04 — James S. Letter
8:45 — Gage D. Letter
11:16 — Red Beard LLC Bait Box
13:00 — EuroTackle Bait Box
14:25 — Chris from Berlin, Germany Bait Box

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