Striped Bass Gone Crazy… IN THE WASH!!

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Striped Bass Gone Crazy... IN THE WASH!!

This was the afternoon from the morning I Albie fished, I was actually on my way home at noon and realized I was walking away from something good so I turned around, put my waders back on, and went for a longgg walk down a deserted NJ beach. I was hoping to catch albies again but knew there’d be some bass potential so after seeing there were no albies I threw the popper. What I was not expecting to happen happened, the bass were piled up into the end of a trough tight to the beach. Red hot action lasted until another fisherman rolled up, when I decided it was best to play dumb and walked away from bites every cast. 20-30 minutes later I returned to the honey hole after walking half a mile to the north with no bites, it was such a small area of fish I figured it was best to keep it to myself, anyway the fishing got steadily worse as time went on even though the skies became overcast and the sun dipped. Those bass were in such deep feeding mode that they didnt mind the afternoon sun and eventually I picked through the whole school (thats my theory at least).

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Rod: Shimano Tiralejo 9’6, 3/4-3oz
Reel: Shimano Sustain 4000fe
Lure: Smack It Popper (stillwater lures)
Location: Magic Point

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