Flushing Big Fish Down a Giant Toilet

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Flushing Big Fish Down a Giant Toilet

In this vlog, I attended a bass fishing tournament on Lake Sam Rayburn and discovered they had built a giant toilet for holding and flushing fish back into the lake. The big concrete toilet sits on top of a hill and is attached to a pipe that runs all the way down into the lake where it emtpys the fish under a shaded dock under the water. This is strange, but brilliant way to keep the fish healthy and put as little stress as possible on them. The big toilet is designed to flush down fish up to ten pounds! We saw many largemouth bass in the five to seven pound range being flushed down the toilet and right into the lake. On a lake that has bass fishing tournaments nearly every weekend, this is a unique and smart way to keep the mortatlity rate of the fish down and keep on of the best bass fishing lakes in the country putting out big fish to be caught again another day.

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