When the Stripers Found the Bunker…

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When the Stripers Found the Bunker...

Another chapter in the book of the 2016 Fall Striper Run, this time in South Jersey when some Bass found the Bunker at dusk and fed heavily, I had only the last few hours of daylight to find a bite and launched after seeing some nervous bunker, at first it was just Bluefish harrassing the schools but for the last hour of daylight, 30"-36" Bass crashed the party.

My kayak is a hobie revo 13
Rod: Pompano Bay 7′ Custom ( www.pompanobayrods.com)
Reel: Penn Clash 4000
Line: 20lb sufix 832
Lure: 7" tsunami talkin popper

This fall has been slow so far, don’t be fooled by the sensationalized fabricated reports of lights out fishing and hot blitzes, those moments have been very few and far between, social media gives the illusion that its going off and if you chase the reports, odds are you will end up frustrated and defeated, the best time to go fishing is when you have the time, regardless of what the reports say. Fish are few and far between out there but as always, if you put in the time, you will eventually find what you are looking for.

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