Tackle-Busting Gator Bluefish of NJ!

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Tackle-Busting Gator Bluefish of NJ!


From New Jersey in November. This is the video I was trying to put up, the real version of yesterday’s upload, not much to say other than Bluefish assaulting the bunker and my tackle, every school of bunker this day was being chased by bluefish, moving south sometimes faster than we could peddle.

Fished with Elias ( www.youtube.com/user/eliasvaisberg87) Started off by catching fish trolling a northbar darter behind the schools, went back and forth between poppers, that darter, and a snag hook, picked fish all day. After following the schools 3+ miles south we turned around and worked north and found little to no bait but piles of blues. Overall it was tricky to catch the blues on topwater, a lot of times they wouldnt look at anything other than a live bunker, but in the end, I had my share of fish, I went through all 3 of my poppers and also broke my reel.

Kayak: Hobie Revo 13
Rod: Pompano Bay 7′ ( www.pompanobayrods.com)
Reel: Penn Clash 4k

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