Hunting Wild Hogs with Thermal Suppressor Tactical Guns

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Hunting Wild Hogs with Thermal Suppressor Tactical Guns

Hunting wild hogs is an important sport that helps keep ranchers and agricultural farmers from losing money due to the destructive nature of these big pigs. In this special hunting vlog edition of LFG Fishing TV, me and Outlaw Dipper are heading to the woods of east Texas with the Hog Hitmen to hunt down some of these big nasty hogs. Hogs are mostly nocturnal animals, so the best time to hunt for them is at night. The Hog Hitmen equipped us with AR 15 and platform tactical rifles with thermal scopes and suppressors. We were shooting both 5.56 and 7.62 rounds when hunting these hogs. The thermal imaging scopes are amazing! They allow you to see anything putting out a heat signature from hundreds of yards away. We were faced with rain and cold conditions, but we finally found a big group of big hogs that were tearing up a cattle pasture. Me and Outlaw set up on the hogs with the AR 15 guns on shooting sticks and fired away. We killed three hogs out of the herd and were able to capture some epic kill shots on video through the thermal scope. The suppressors on the guns reduced the recoil to make it easier to line up on the next hog and shoot again. The silencer doesn’t make the gun totally silent, but it’s quiet enough that you don’t have to wear ear protection and it makes it much more enjoyable to shoot. We were happy to get some sweet pictures with our dead hogs before the rain really started coming down. Great hunt and an awesome experience to be able to walk around in the dark and see everything clearly through eh thermal scopes. If you have the chance to try a night time hog hunt like this, it’s definitely worth staying up late for!

Get your gun tricked out from these guys!


LFG’s Gun
Thermal- IR Defense Mark 2
Suppressor- Innovative Arms Interceptor

Make- Arfcom
Model- SBR in 5.56
Thermal- IR Defense Mark 3
Suppressor – Innovative Arms Grunt

DSLR Camera (Panasonic GH4) –
Static Shot (Gopro Hero 4 Black) –
Metabones Speedbooster 4/3 EF Mount –

Canon 24-105mm L Lens –
Rokinon 14mm WIDE –

Sony UWPD11/42 Lavalier Microphone –
Gopro Chesty Lav Mic (Cheap) –
DSLR Shot Gun Mic –

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