Fishing For Elusive RED DRUM of New Jersey (fail)

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Fishing For Elusive RED DRUM of New Jersey (fail)

Our season is winding down and I dug into the archives from about a month ago to this day I tried to catch reds in my kayak unsuccessfully. have a few good vids coming up next but in this one we kick it a little slower on the backbay kayak futile redfish attempt

I launch my Kayak around Wildwood and start fishing the sand flats and marsh edges with redfish being the target but can only find a few small bass, and later pick another small bass from the trough along the beach front, This trip was exactly what I and others are used to when they go out in search of reds, often finding no sign of them and only running into the much more common striped bass… Fishing for Reds in NJ is challenging only because there are very few that exist in our waters, every year they do show up in low density populations, anytime from august to december they can show just about anywhere from cape may to the raritan bay. Inlets, rocks, back bays, beaches, anywhere could be the place, it is just a matter of being at the right place at the right time (what else is new).

At the end of the video there is a minute or two of some clips from another day fishing off my buddy Dano’s boat where we found the pile of reds and even specks. That day started off slow, we fished hard, running and gunning spot to spot until we found what we were looking for, and eventually did find the motherload of cookie cutter small slot reds. Mobility and covering water is your best friend in the fishing world.

Thanks for watching!

Kayak is a hobie revo 13
Rod is a pompano bay custom (
Reel: Penn clash 4k
Pink zoom flukes all day all year all water all species

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