Weirdest Trout Spot Ever?!?

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Weirdest Trout Spot Ever?!?

Random, small, man-made ponds with water from a creek with a naturally reproducing population of brown trout flowing through them, the trout have found their way into these small ponds and now live the pondlife. I stumbled across this spot a year or 2 back while snooping around the creek trout fishing. I use a small floating rapala and catch mostly small trout with a 17" and 18" being the 2 best of the day. Most I catch this day are 8"-12".

**If you are wondering where this is, it is in western maryland, but the exact location will be kept private. There is a sign that says "no fishing" here. I do not recommend anyone break any rules.

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Rod: St croix premier 5’6
reel: field and stream …. some old reel I have no idea
lure: original floating rapala
Line: 4lb trilene

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