Giveaway! – Pompano Bay Custom Rod

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Giveaway! - Pompano Bay Custom Rod


1 guess per person. You’re disqualified if you guess more than once.
Your guess must be 4 numbers long! 50.87lbs, 31.27lbs, 10.01lbs, etc
whoever guesses the weight to the 100th of lb first is the winner.
if nobody gets it within 24 hours, the closest guess wins.
If that results in a tie, the under guess wins.
If you are the winner I will ship you the rod this week!


Bass Fishing New Jersey whooping my ass on trout here-

I have never done a giveaway before because I feel theyre lame, I never enter online giveaways because the odds are stacked against you. I hope this rod goes to someone who will use it, someone who fishes the same ways I do for similar species. In attempt to hopefully get it to the right person, I feel like guessing the weight of a fish is a good contest, that bass in that picture is from 2008 or so.. old school fish, caught from the rush chattin bridge at corsons inlet state park on none other than a pink zoom fluke.. Back then it was the biggest saltwater striper I had caught and feeling proud I took it to the tackle shop and weighed it in, for this reason I know its true weight..

Hopefully its not too rusty, first time give away here, dont know what Im doing. GOOD LUCK!

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