Vlog 11 – Fly Fishing Tournament!!

Justin Spencer and I teamed up in the inaugural “Dally’s All Species Odyssey” tournament. Neither size, nor numbers matter in this tournament…..just how many species of game fish (and some rough fish) can your team catch. Super cool.

My MUST HAVE Tying Tools!!
Peak Fly Tying Vise – amzn.to/2GUwEzV
Fly Tying Scissors – amzn.to/2UPW19u
Bobbin – amzn.to/2VA0eTf
Loon UV Resin – amzn.to/2ZL8Vtk
Loon Infinity UV Light – amzn.to/2USYWOM
Loon Dubbing Spinner – amzn.to/2DGGwex
Loon Hackle Pliers – amzn.to/2GSJG0B
Dubbing Loop Tweezers – amzn.to/2WetX19
Bobbin Threader – amzn.to/2ZKVnhp
Whip Finish Tool – amzn.to/2WhvHH1
Hair Packer – amzn.to/2XUf0Sl
Prep Station – amzn.to/2J1vEvj

My MUST HAVE Fishing Gear!
Fly Rod A – amzn.to/2ULS45X
Fly Rod B – amzn.to/2GKJFKZ
Fly Reel A – amzn.to/2Y1DysV
Fly Reel B – amzn.to/2VBBQRd
Fly Line (sinking) – amzn.to/2DQRX3x
Fly Line (floating) – amzn.to/2VzoZiG
Backing – amzn.to/2vwpj2O
Nail Knot Tool – amzn.to/2DFlOf9
Forceps – amzn.to/2ULY12N
Sunglasses – amzn.to/2LeG9hw
Nymphing Weight – amzn.to/2J5YH0H
Gear Bag – amzn.to/2V8TvAv

Filming Gear:
Camera A – amzn.to/2UL5Khu
Camera B – amzn.to/2UV7zIY
Cage – amzn.to/2J6MHw6
Light A – amzn.to/2UMrIAR
Light B – amzn.to/2DDH0lw
Backdrop – amzn.to/2WhbL7g
Tripod – amzn.to/2J5L8y8